The New Born

100% electric. The impulse of a new generation.

Cupra Models

Sportive inside and out

The new CUPRA Born is built to fuse sportive energy with a challenger spirit.

Design that moves you

Expertly shaped for emotion-seekers. A bold vision encompassing a sleek body and sportive lines.

CUPRA - Born
A New Electrification Era

Maximum power, zero emissions and smarter driving. Now’s the moment to make the switch.At home, on the way or at your destination. Wherever you are, charging is simple. For total convenience, install a CUPRA Charger at home or make use of the Easy Charging App to help you charge when you’re away from home. The CUPRA Born comes with available charging solutions for wherever you are.

Cutting emissions at every turn.

Our decarbonisation program will use renewable energy to cut CO2 emissions at every stage, from the supply chain and production process, right through to the point of handover to our customers. And by offsetting all unavoidable emissions through certified environmental projects, we ensure net CO2 neutral production and delivery of the CUPRA Born.