New SEAT Ibiza 2015 – coming to Finbarr Galvin Cork & Bandon soon!

SEAT launched the all new SEAT Ibiza at the Barcelona Motor Show last May, giving a major revamp to the iconic car. The 2015 update comes with a range of quality features to improve your comfort and safety as you drive, as well as giving you range of tailored features to suit your personality! So get down to Finbarr Galvin’s showrooms in Cork & Bandon this Autumn to get a first-hand view of SEAT’s favourite car.

New 2015 SEAT Ibiza

New technology & infotainment features

New technologies have been integrated to give you all-round greater driving experience. SEAT’s “Drive Profiles” let you alter your driving experience at the touch of a button. Eco, Normal & Sport modes allow you to change different characteristics such as interior lighting, engine response and power steering features easily, and you can also change these features individually to suit your own driving experience.

SEAT Ibiza Interior Infotainment System

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DBS) & a brand new sound system give you a top-of-range acoustic setting, while you can also easily play music through your smartphone or media player by connecting your device to the radio via Bluetooth or a USB Port.

The whole interior is developed around the driver. The steering wheel, dashboard, radio and even the air vents have been designed for the driver to get the best driving experience possible. Your “Infotainment” system is also been set up for ease of use, with touchscreen Sat Nav, smartphone integration and a voice controlled media system gives you perfect connectivity on the move.

Customise your SEAT Ibiza to suit your personality

Customise your SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT Ibiza has always focused on personalisation as a key feature when someone buys the car. New colour packs, trim elements and exterior designs are now available so you can tailor your car to suit your personality. Choose from the five-door, three-door SC (Sport Coupé) and the ST (Sport Tourer) as your base, with 16 & 17 inch alloy wheels available with your choice. 2 brand new colour options are now also available (Moonstone Silver and Chilli Red), with a range of new trims available to you. 

3 versions of the 2015 SEAT Ibiza will be available from Finbarr Galvin this Autumn. The “S” version gives you all the major comfort and safety features for a quality driving experience. For extra driving comfort, the “SE” version gives you the extra luxury of air-conditioning and colour touch-screen coming as standard. And to make a real personal statement, the “FR” version offers highlighted design at the front and back of the car, as well as unique alloy wheels. 

Safety Systems

SEAT Ibiza Interior Design

Safety while driving is still always a major concern for SEAT, and the new 2015 SEAT Ibiza has introduced quality new features to ensure your safety while driving. Fatigue is still a main concern, which often leads to crashes and other accidents. SEAT’s new Tiredness Recognition System actually recognises steering characteristics which are in-common with diminishing driving concentration, and gives you a warning to alert you when you show these characteristics.

The 2015 SEAT Ibiza also has the new Multi-Collision Brake system, designed to spread kinetic energy after a serious impact to minimise any further damage. And once the airbag is activated, the electronic stability programme and hazard lights instantly activate, preventing more harm.

Brand New Engine Technology

SEAT Ibiza Dashboard

The launch of the brand new SEAT Ibiza has also lead to the launch of the brand new TDI and petrol engines. Both the 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines reach EU6 emissions standards, giving you excellent consumption and emission from the engine. Stop/Start engines are also available across all ranges, saving you fuel when the car is at a standstill. The 2015 SEAT Ibiza gives you the sporty features you’re familiar with, and now you can add your own personal touch! Get in contact with Finbarr Galvin in Cork & Bandon for more individual colours, options and accessories.


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